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Everything you need to know about the process of selling your home.

Sell My Home

Ready to move on to your next adventure? It is time to sell your mountain home.  

As a Seller, your decision to partner with Real Estate professionals is a vital one.  You want to get the very most for your property, and you need agents who know how to maximize your sales price and find the right Buyer for your property.  You are also looking for a smooth sale, and you need a team with the experience to know what pitfalls to avoid, and how to overcome the unique obstacles that can arise in the escrow process. 

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Why Work With Our Team?

We are the go-to team of local Real Estate Professionals.  We are here to guide you through the selling process and help you maximize the value of your home to the right Buyer.  We communicate early and often, and we work behind the scenes to solve transaction issues before they occur. 

Our team of agents have backgrounds in Finance, Real Estate Investment & Development, Advertising, and Sales.  With combined sales of over $60M in 2017, our agents have been awarded with international designations only reserved for the elite few agents worldwide.  Our team employs a full-time liscenced assistant whose #1 focus is ensuring a smooth transaction. 

Our Agents are deeply rooted in our local community.  Leah and Kari have been in Breckenridge for nearly 20 years, and every member of our team is a full-time member of our local mountain community.  We have driven every street of Summit County.  We know which neighborhoods Buyers like to cross-shop, and we know what Buyers look for in a mountain home. 

We have the local connections that can make-or-break a Real Estate transaction.  We have great relationships with a network of the best local Real Estate professionals — Lenders, Title Officers, Inspectors, Contractors, Radon Mitigators, Insurance Agents, Attorneys, Property Managers— all of whom play a pivitol role in the sales process.  Our clients trust us to connect them with the best local service providers, so that is what we do. 

Determining a value for your property is not as cut and dry as an urban market with hundreds or thousands of comparable properties. In our market with so many custom homes, varying amenities, and unique features and styles, it is especially important your Real Estate Professionals have intimate knowledge of the mountain market.  

We use a varitey of tools to help determine the value of your home. Comparable Sales, Land Values, Replacement Cost, Competetive Listings, Ameneties, and Access. 

Selling your mountain home is not only about pricing it accurately, it is also about presenting it in the very best light, and to the right Buyers.  We have a uniquely targeted marketing plan ww utilize to maximize the appeal and impact of our listings.  We educate all Real Estate Agents about your listing, as the Buyer from your home may likely come from another Agent.  We also reach out to Prospective Buyers directly with customized print and web marketing material.  

When we market your home, we focus on our numbers and we use big data.  We don’t list and wait.  We analyze Buying trends and Buyer Profiles, and we use this data to target our marketing to those who are most likely to be qualified and interested in your home.  Through Social Media, Online Marketing, Print Advertising, and In-Person Events, we maximize exposure for your home. 

Selling your luxury mountain home?  Ask us about Coldwell Bankers Global Luxury Portfolio.  As a part of an exclusive group of top-performing agents worldwide, we provide access for our luxury clients to a luxury-specific marketing platform that reached high net-worth individuals all over the world. 

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